HCFCC Pending Activation

From: "HCFCC Activation" <fccactivation@cashfd.com>
Subject: HCFCC Pending Activation
Date: Mon Aug 13 07:39:27 2012

Please advise ASAP through reply email or phone names,positions (command, dispatcher, logistics aide) and phone numbers of personnel who can staff the HCFCC. Further information to follow once command is identified.

The activation date: Friday June 29, 2012. Hours of operation: 10:30 to 18:00 hours. Threat: Wildfire, RH 24%, Temp of 100*F, Wind 10-20 MPH S Threat Index: 46.

Britt McManus
(903) 883-3531 Station
(903) 456-4321 Cell
(903) 883-3400 HCFCC (During activation)

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